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Pintor Murillo, 3.
Badajoz, 06480 (Spain)
Phone: (+34) 924 453 445
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Hello, welcome to Q3dTools!

Here, at we make tools based in the Quest3d engine which will help to increase productivity, performance and code clarity. Our goal is to provide solutions to avoid reinventing the wheel, reducing programming costs, increasing the time to focus on the particular project in hands.
In the case of specific development needs, we offer custom software programming services, from product idea to outsourcing support and enhancement.

For more details see the FAQ or contact us directly by email / phone.

Customers feedback:

“alright Q3dTool_MTCaller channel is really killer!
In fullHD I got 25 fps. Now with physics and webpage rendering in seperate threats with this channel, almost 50 fps.”
-Micha Kobald (pixvertex)

“Another satisfied customer here.
Great work!!”
-Darren Pack (End to End Visuals)


Feb 5, 2013
Q3dTool_SQLite released

Mar 6, 2012
Q3dtools are currently under heavy update process for the new Q3d5 release.
Q3d4.x tools become deprecated, this means, they won't receive new functionality updates. Support and bug solving is warranted.

Nov 30, 2011
Q3dTool_Networking released

Nov 29, 2011
Q3dTool_Crypto is a cryptographic tool set actually available.

Sep 29, 2011
Q3dTool_Networking demo available

Sep 13, 2011
New custom channel Q3dTool_GetMAC available

Aug 31, 2011
Do you need Q3dTools integrated in your project or related functionality developed? Take a look to our new development service offer.

Aug 19, 2011
Introduced thread synchronization functions to the Q3dTool_MTCaller channel. Now you can synchronize among your threads but also with the q3d thread itself.(sample provided with package). See more info about synchronization at Wiki.

Jul 24, 2011
Extra functionality for file uploading added to the Q3dTool_HttpPost channel. (Step by step sample from scratch provided)

Jul 15, 2011
Wiki page started for Q3dTool_MTCaller tool with tips and a discussion thread.

Jun 29, 2011
New tool Q3dTool_SafeLogin available

Jun 19, 2011
New tool Q3dTool_Preloader available

Jun 16, 2011
New custom channel Q3dTool_HttpPost available